Stop Buying Jets EP

by The Schoolgirls

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A brief interlude while we panic about not having enough material for a third album yet. Features one set standard, two brand new lumps of nonsense, and a couple of 4-track sketches that were eventually combined into the title track, which is now a set standard.


released May 25, 2012



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The Schoolgirls UK

two idiots, one menschmaschine, no time to lose

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Track Name: Stop Buying Jets
Just stop buying jets you grinning maniac, there is no airborne threat, you know this for a fact, so just stop buying jets that you don't really need and then you'll have the cash to solve all of your problems.
Track Name: Stockpiling Waste
The human race likes to make waste, it is the thing that we do best. There ought to be a way that we could use the waste to solve our problems. Think! Let's generate jobs. Let's generate cash by shipping out all of our trash. Send it abroad, fake documents, claim the reward from governments. Think! Stockpiling waste for future use. Deflect questions by being obtuse. Stockpiling waste so we can be forever more hugely wealthy. Think!
Track Name: Start Bashing Touts
Tickets. Sold out. But how? Don't know. They've only just gone on sale. They're not showing on my system. Tickets. How much? Two grand. Two grand? It's a seller's market, mate. Should have bought them straight away. I would rather pay a thug the same amount to beat you up and take that ticket from your broken hand and bring it back to me. But how could you guarantee beyond a doubt that this thug would not hold that ticket to ransom and demand from you further payment? Feedback. Thugbay. Thugbay? Thugbay! Well brutal, A+, top thug, item delivered in perfect condition.